Trust...Freedom...Style. - LOVE LIFE AND DREAMS

Melissa McAllister is writer/songwriter/musician and owner at Love Life And Dreams, a publishing company specializing in music licensing and supervision. She became a musician at the age of the age of 9 and performed in concert band throughout high school. She later became a soprano in church choirs that supported backup vocals for famous gospel artists such as Alvin Slaughter and the group Sounds of Blackness. As as dancer, she worshipped and praised (known as liturgical) on a team, became a leader and established choreography and created props for staging.

Having studied music business, songwriting and studio production at the Institute of Production and Recording in Minneapolis, and Business Law at the University of Minnesota, her education protects her own creative interests and has aided her songwriting and goals for producing music. She assists other artists with branding development and understanding copyright law. She traveled abroad to study Women in Art and History in Montpellier, France. As a modeling school graduate, she developed an eye for photography and fashion. She holds a passion for women leaders in media and entertainment. Her business motivation is to offer hands-on-attention to developing artists while educating them in their business and generating royalty income. She raises the ethical standard in the publishing aspect of the music industry.

"I believe independent artists in the entertainment industry today deserve to be paid maximum revenue streams for their work, have the support of a trusted professional and still maintain creative freedom."

Melissa McAllister
Music Licensing and Fashion Stylist