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About Us  

We are a community of poets, writers, producers, deejays, managers and radio personalities.

We create a common place to share music and written work for the betterment of each other.  We all have various connections in the music industry and desire to network and build.

Love Life And Dreams was created in 2010 originally to protect the Intellectual Property rights and royalties of the Founder, Songwriter, Poetess and Self Published Author Melissa Firesteel-McAllister.  Currently, this licensed publishing company is open to representing other aspiring writers, musicians and producers in maintaining copyrights of work and royalty payments.  Member of BMI, Inc. Broadcast Music, Inc. 10 Music Square East, Nashville, TN 37203 
We have just recently joined Writing Sessions America, Midwest Group.

We welcome the opportunity to deliver you an online platform for promotion and discovery!  This space is used to identify music industry trends and discussion.  

Consulting services are available as needed. See the Services page for more information.